"Form great Councils of Peace.
Call the council The Council of Peace.
Let it be organized in Rome. In the Citadel."

The people of this world want peace, so why is it seemingly so difficult to achieve?

Did you know that in the USA alone since the time of the Founding Fathers there have been over 100 Bills introduced to create a Department of Peace, yet none of them have been passed? Why?

In 1793 one of the Founding Fathers wrote an essay entitled "A plan of a Peace-Office for the United States" The purpose outlined at that time was: "Let a power be given to the Secretary to establish and maintain free schools in every city, village and township in the United States; Let the youth of our country be instructed in reading, writing, and arithmetic, and in the doctrines of a religion of some kind; the Christian religion should be preferred to all others; for it belongs to this religion exclusively to teach us not only to cultivate peace with all men, but to forgive - nay more, to love our very enemies."

Emphasis at that time was on biblical instruction. This action should be above 'religion'. It continued:

"5. To inspire a veneration for human life, and an horror at the shedding of human blood, let all those laws be repealed which authorize juries, judges, sheriffs, or hangmen to assume the resentments of individuals, and to commit murder in cold blood in any case whatever.

6. To subdue that passion for war ... militia laws should everywhere be repealed, and military dresses and military titles should be laid aside ..."

So what is the stumbling-block?

We have a small group of people on this planet who own the munitions factories and all the other production sources of weapons of war. How do they market their products?

If you were one of the owners, what would you do? Foment wars of course!! Peace is the last thing you would want as your profits would drop to zero.

So to ensure that does not happen (and by chance they control all the money printing presses in the world) they pay bribes-that-cannot-be-refused to politicians in government positions to support their activities and to ensure that peace does not become too popular. This is one of the many reasons why we do not need politicians running our countries (see

Each religion talks about Loving one another and Peace, but do they practise it? Let them take a serious look into their hearts and join this action, putting all differences aside. Time is running out.

What to do about it? Contact leading personalities in your country NOW who are amenable to the cause of PEACE, ask them to form a PEACE COUNCIL for your country, from which there will be representation on a planetary COUNCIL FOR PEACE and ensure that they get local as well as national publicity. They will probably NOT be your government leaders.

Emphasize that the people of this world are now well aware of WHY we never have had sustained PEACE and they want the culprits brought to trial and made 'persona non grata' (undesirable residents) in your country, regardless of their nationality!

This matter is urgent so this website has been created to make it easier to get the message out. It will be translated into languages other than English when translators volunteer.

Progredere in luce,

Report action to this E-maiL address or the NESARA INTERNATIONAL group

Translations into other languages(in preparation):-

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